Read what some of my clients have to say about working with me!

“A lot of people spend a ton of time looking for a trainer that fits. I was lucky to find the perfect nutritionist on the first try. I’m down 9lb so far in just over a month, I never thought I could lose weight but here I am almost 10lb lighter. Sohee listened to the things I wanted, and implemented it. I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast every day, and candy post-work out. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Meara, just a few weeks into working with Sohee

– Meara M., Victoria, British Columbia

“Sohee Lee combines encyclopedic fitness knowledge with in-field experience.  With Sohee, you’re guaranteed to get a training and diet program designed with concepts that are at the very forefront of fitness.  I know that with her controlling my training program, the limited time that I have to spend at the gym will still yield amazing results.  In fact, I have hit a PR on every workout so far while on a caloric deficit.”

– Dick Talens, New York, New York

“Before I met Sohee I exercised an hour a day and saw almost no change in my physique or physical ability.  Under Sohee’s guidance I, almost perversely, exercised less and ate more.  Yet, in just two months, I’ve seen vast improvements in my strength (almost doubling many of my weights).  I look better, and I feel healthier.  More importantly, the diet and training guidelines that Sohee gave me are such that I will be able to follow them regardless of what time restraints and challenges life might throw at me.  I cannot recommend Sohee highly enough – she is incredibly knowledgable and supportive, and she gets results.”

– Brian K., Chicago, Illinois