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It’s not you; it’s – oh wait, yes, it’s you.

Two years ago, I was eating out with some friends at a burger place. It was my first time there, so I asked the waitress what their best appetizers were. The sweet potato fries, she said. Oh, and also the onion strings. You can get them split half-and-half because they really are just that good. She went on excitedly about how they were just about her favorite food and that she regularly ate a whole order in one sitting. Mind you, she had far from the leanest figure; in fact, she was morbidly obese and had difficulty walking. After we’d placed our orders and she walked away, I shook my head and remarked that I hoped that woman would take better care of her health before something happened. A girl – let’s call her Sue – sitting at the table with us stared at me long and hard. I knew she had some choice words just itching to burst their way out of her mouth. “They can’t help it that they’re obese!!” she spat, disgust written all over her face.

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Your Way Isn’t the Only Way: A Rant

“You girls really need some CrossFit.” Umm, what? “Yeah, your program is severely lacking all the great things that CrossFit could do for you.” I blinked at him, nodded, and walked away. I had better things to do than to instigate an argument that I knew would only lead to frustration.

I’ve noticed something, and I’m sure some of you see this, too. Some fitness icon – a professional, an expert, a guru, or what have you – invents a new concept. CrossFit. LeanGains. Zero cardio. And then all of a sudden, it’s the next big thing. Alas, another fad! Everybody and their mother is doing it, so you should do it, too. Right?

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Correlation vs. Causation

Today’s article counts as more of a rant than anything, but I feel that this needs to be said lest I crack my forehead open from banging my head against the wall too many times. I’ve noticed a very common trend in the fitness community and beyond. I’ll keep this one relatively short for ease of read; I have a feeling I’ll find myself referring many individuals back to this piece.

Before you go on and make any kind of claim that you did x and therefore y happened, I urge you to please, please consider the difference between correlation and causation.

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