May 2012

Random Thoughts: May Edition
Willpower Wonders II: Control That Stress

Sh!t I Learned From Going Through Tough Times

Supplements – The Minimalist Way

April 2012

Sohee, So Hot – Female Transformation of the Week (
The (Dieting) Hunger Games

A Brief Update and an Interview

Your Way Isn’t the Only Way: A Rant

50 Signs You’re a Fitness Buff

Willpower Wonders: Pick Your Challenge

March 2012

Average Genetics: You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are
Calculating Your Dieting Numbers
Knowing When to Say No
The Sexification of Sohee Lee: Part II
…But I Work Around the Clock! Fitness for a Busy Life

February 2012

Correlation vs. Causation
Calories – To Count or Not To Count
The Sexification of Sohee Lee: Part I
Fit Habits: Understanding Where You Are
Flexible Dieting 101
Making It Work: How to Save Time, Get Fit, and Win at Life (
Fit Habits: Calm Thy Flustered Self

January 2012

Cardio Bunny? Stop It — Stop It Now!
My Thoughts on Competing
Bad Habits: Multitasking
Surround Yourself with Awesome
Intro post

November 2011

To Hell and Back: My Battle with Anorexia (